Ökosystem Wald – Montessori – ENG


A forest in the middle of the classroom? Why not? See how first and second graders created the forest ecosystem.
Day in, day out. many of us are so fortunate: we simply switch on the tap and out it comes – WATER.
It is so essential to life on the planet.
Even 1st and 2nd graders know not only that we humans need water but that plants and animals do too.

Habitat Games© comply with, and if necessary, can be adapted to the curriculum of a particular school type. In Germany it is customary for children to attend school between 8.00 and 13.00 o’clock. The morning is divided into six periods. Teachers usually book two periods, 90 minutes, for a Habitat Game©. This includes the game itself as well as taking it down and putting the parts back into boxes used for transporting the game.

Idea and Concept: Ann Groesch