Earth Day Special: Habitat Games

Freitag, 22 April 2022:

Earth Day is Wake-Up -Day to the song of the  Blackbird

When birds begin the day with a song, we know that spring is here. The White Storks and the Swallows, migrants between Africa and Europe, return in May and June to breed and raise their young. The Nuremberg region been their home for centuries. Will that be true in five or ten years? Or will we wake up to a silent spring? In an interactive Habitat Game© we will recreate the Pegnitz and the Knoblauchsland. Why is the region still so attractive? Not only for birds and plants but for our farmers. Our own Ecological Footprint might  help us to find an answer to the question: Will  global warming prevent birds from migrating between Africa and Europe?

Freitag, 22. April
2022 – 14:00 – 17:00 im DAI – dt./engl. Sprache 
Anmeldung bis 20.04.22 über programm@dai-nü